8 thoughts on “BMW April Fool’s joke/BMW zum 1. April

  1. Thanks. It’s always surprising that people believe something like that.

    Craig Morris (www.petiteplanete.org) posted a spoof query on the pt list yesterday. He wrote that he was completely stumped by two abbreviations:

    There once was a handsome young Mr.
    Who met a young woman and *Kr.*
    She had a disease
    But instead of a sneeze
    His top lip developed a *Blr.*

    Two Germans, one British person and one Californian helped him. One German got it. I didn’t get it – I thought ‘So he’s not very bright – that’s a surprise’.

  2. Apparently Saddam Hussein allowed Uday to play April’s fool jokes:

    >>Oddly enough, Saddam Hussein appears to be an exception to the rule that repressive leaders hate April Fool’s Day. He repeatedly allowed his fun-loving son Uday, owner of the Babil newspaper, to treat the citizens of Iraq to a variety of belly laughs on April Fool’s Day. The fun began on April 1, 1998 when Uday’s paper informed its readers that Clinton had decided to lift sanctions against their country. But the news turned out to be a jest. I can only imagine the knee-slapping guffaws when readers realized how they’d been taken in. The laughs continued in 1999 when Uday mischeviously announced that the monthly food rations would be supplemented to include bananas, Pepsi, and chocolate. Again, just a joke. At this point, the Husseins appear to have run out of material, because in 2000 they recycled the sanction-lifting gag, and in 2001 trotted out the ration-supplement crowd pleaser one more time. 2002 was mercifully gag free.

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