Hair styles for German lawyers / Stylen bei “justament”

I meant to blog this a couple of weeks ago when I picked up a copy of justament, which is really for German law students. But the new one wasn’t online yet. Now I know from jurabilis that it is. There’s a two-page article with pictures headed Haute Couture für Advokaten, but it’s not about clothes but hairstyles.

They show a trainee with her hair as is, then styled as a family lawyer, a constitutional judge and a media lawyer. A young legal-aid lawyer is shown as a criminal defence lawyer and as an environmental lawyer (although he has the same peculiar beard in all three photos).
Meanwhile the coiffeur himself has no room for hair because of all his piercings.

There are other articles, including one on the new title Diplomjurist, and also older issues online.

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