“Translating Today” magazine launched

A new magazine for translators, to appear 4 times a year, has been launched in Britain. The Translating Today website is informative.
It looks as if the first issue has already gone out, that is, cannot be ordered any longer.
(Tip-off from an ITI mailing list)

8 thoughts on ““Translating Today” magazine launched

  1. Margaret,
    I managed to get up to the Book Fair today, found the publishers of Translation Today as they were knocking down the stand, and managed to secure a couple of copies. Would you like one?

  2. Yes please, that would be excellent. My address is in the Impressum if you haven’t got it.

    I went to the Book Fair myself, and I had Translating Today on my list, but I didn’t find it. I have one or two things to report, but actually not very much.

  3. Hi there, I was lucky to see Robin at the ATA conference in Toronto-the magazine was well rec’d there. We do have some copies of issue 1 left for those that need them.if you have some comments aboyr the magazine we would be grateful to hear them. Best regards, Jeremy Smith Translating Today

  4. No problem Margaret,
    We are trying to create the best magazine we can, and there seems to be a real feeling of goodwill for it so we have to match up to the high expectations. It’s just a shame that I am not responsible for ‘jezblog’-really…but it’s very interesting though…

  5. Would someone know how I could get a copy of the “Translating Today” magazine. I went to the website, but couldn’t find any info. about it.



  6. I have no idea. The link worked at one time, but now it only leads to English Teaching Professional. I would try again in a couple of days and write to Jeremy at that address.

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