Austrian court names / Kartellobergericht

I’ve written more than once about Austrian court names. I don’t feel obliged to do what the EU does, but I wanted to find out what they did with Kartellobergericht (one of the functions of the Oberster Gerichtshof).

So I did a site search at EUR-LEX: kartellobergericht

(Actually I used the Google toolbar for Firefox, which has an icon you can click on for a site search).

Here’s what I found on that site: Cartel Supreme Court, “Kartellobergericht”, Supreme Cartel Court, Supreme Restricted Practices Court, Superior Cartel Court.

The EU English style guide has lists of court names at the end, but probably drawn up before Austria joined.

An ordinary Google search for
also throws up: Cartel Court of Appeals, Appellate Cartel Court.

Oh well. I was just wondering.

3 thoughts on “Austrian court names / Kartellobergericht

  1. These cartel or ‘anti-trust’ courts have never seemed to me more than divisions of other courts, unlike the Fed. German model of separate courts.

    There’s a Kartellgericht beim Oberlandesgericht and the Oberster Gerichtshof sitting as a Kartellobergericht (‘OGH als OKG’).

  2. Yes, certainly. The same in Germany with Familiengericht. And the Commercial Court in England?
    You are correct about the two Kartellgerichte too!
    But surely KOG? (the Abkürzungs- und Zitierregeln give that)

  3. Yes, right. KOG. And the Commercial Court in England, either part of the QBD – Queen’s Bench Division – or Comm. Arbitration Court.

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