Ergonomic keyboards / Ergonomische Tastaturen

I find ergonomic keyboards fascinating, although I haven’t got one at the moment.

Translation in the Trenches mentions two unfamiliar to me. I’m sure they don’t mind me uploading pictures – it’s all advertising.

First, the Datahand:

Resize of proii1s2.jpg

DataHand systems say they reduce pain and typing fatigue. I’m sure they do. I think they probably train the brain too.

T in the Ts says you may want to get a model with remappable keys. Software remapping doesn’t work (this is if you want a different keyboard layout).

Then there’s the Ergo Elan, by Kinesis:


This is a Kinesis Contoured keyboard. There are US and non-US versions.

I had my eye on one, also by Kinesis. The angle of split can be varied, starting at nothing. If anyone else needs to use your computer, an ergonomic keyboard can be a problem. Kinesis has two. The Maxim is what I had heard of – it has no numeric keypad, but you can get a separate one.


There’s a German one of these, and you can apparently also do stuff with a footswitch. Footswitches can be got to go with other computer keyboards too, and you can, for example, use a footswitch for a mouse click. This sounds very interesting. I would like to be able to move the mouse cursor by foot. After all, some people can draw pictures with the feet.

Kinesis also do an Evolution keyboard in three varieties.




4 thoughts on “Ergonomic keyboards / Ergonomische Tastaturen

  1. I NEED the split one with the chair, second from bottom, although it might be hard to stop myself from regularly shouting “ENGAGE” or “FIRE!!!”, as if at the helm of starship Voyager.

  2. Two of my colleagues have the Datahand contraptions. They actually seem to work; it’s kind of spooky to watch them type, because the required hand movements are so small.

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