Electronic anklet / Elektronische Fußfessel

(Image removed re malware, 2017!)

This is a curious image for electronic tagging / monitoring. Surely the purpose of ringing a pigeon is different from the purpose of ringing Martha Stewart?

It appears that Ms Stewart, who is poised to relaunch her career with two television shows, has been cheating a little on the rules of her confinement. The result of this: the home confinement stage of her original sentence will no longer end on 8 August and has instead been extended by three weeks.

(The Independent)

2 thoughts on “Electronic anklet / Elektronische Fußfessel

  1. Yes, it’s a strange word. I have never encountered it in this context before – ‘electronic tagging’ is what I’ve heard. Anklet sounds like a decorative metal chain. The things themselves look like neither – black plastic, boxy.

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