Links remain legal/”Mein Parteibuch” und Links

It was no surprise to anyone when the Berlin Landgericht decided this week that it is permissible for a website to name and link another site and to name someone who takes part in public exchange of opinions. The German American Law Journal Weblog reports:

bq. The outcome is well-earned and the grounds are well-founded in the copyright law and the law of names. Any surprise is limited to plaintiff’s belief to have had a case which became known as the Mein Parteibuch dispute.

But just a moment – it was a surprise to some people in the USA, as this email I received shows (from one ‘Ed.’ – Edward, I presume):

bq. Hello Margaret,
This is good news for German bloggers, indeed. Whew!
Hopefully, that is all the legal authority you need to link to Blawg
Review under “Weblog collections” in the sidebar of Transblawg. :-)
C’mon Margaret, pleeese. Our project is blawgworthy. Thanks, if you’d
be so kind as to include Blawg Review in your blogroll.
We’re looking to encourage more global participation in Blawg Review,
and would appreciate your support.

Actually, I did originally list the blawg review, which was a blawg reviewing law reviews, but that is no longer updated. This is another Blawg Review, a very bouncy and cheerful sort of thing, reviewing blawgs.

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