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  1. Thanks for the Spanish Legal Trans. website which is virtually impervious to comments: ‘set up an account’ is displayed umpteen times.

    My knowledge of the Glosario Internacional does not prompt me to invest in it: i.e. mixes up -with unfortunate defamatory implications – a land squatter with a hold-over/ sitting tenant (‘precarista’ who, by definition, has a previous contractual relationship with the land-owner).

  2. That’s a pain about the comments. I hate registering, and Blogger does allow its users to be more generous with comments. If you really want to comment, it is probably no big deal to open up a weblog and then call it private and leave it empty. I tried it when I started and it took no time at all. OTOH the blogger hasn’t has any entries since June. I hope he does some more.

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