Computers and law conference ending/EDV-Gerichtstag Saarbrücken

I am abjectly apologetic that I forgot to mention the fifteenth EDV-Gerichtstag in Saarbrücken from 13 to 15 September 2006. Well, it’s not quite over.

They kindly invited me to come, and I did at least promise to mention them. That just goes to show you can’t trust anybody.
It looks really well-organized too (here’s the online planning section).

While looking at reports of the conference, I noticed Juristische Begriffe. This is a site run by Enrico Krüger to collect the basic legal vocabulary plus definitions needed for German university law exams. There are also audio definitions as MP3 files. The collection is not huge, but a good place to check.

The project developed from the Jenaer Jura-Trainer and has some exchange with JuraWiki. The JuristenLatein section of JuraWiki should be useful, as legal Latin used in Germany differs from that used in England, and both differ from that used in the USA.

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