Babelizing means machine translating a text into one language, then back into English, then into another language, then back into English, and so on, until the meaning has been wrung out of it. I hadn’t actually tried it before but here it is:

Original text:

Come round any old time, make yourself at home. Put your feet on the mantelshelf, open the cupboard and help yourself.

Babelized version:

Come around at any time old, dice to form it he it house. If its feet
regulated in mantelshelf, to open the drawer and helped them.

Original text:

Einstein can’t be classed as witless.
He claimed atoms were the littlest.
When you did a bit of splitting-em-ness
Frighten everybody shitless.

(From Ian Dury, There ain’t half been some clever bastards)

Babelized version:

Einstein cannot be classified as stupid. It declared atoms was the
minor. When you it gave form to a small conclusion of the copiatura
of, the sustentation frightens shitless everything.

(Thanks to Ekkehard)

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