No dogs / Unwillkommener Besuch

This has been done with great care for colour, if not for dogs. I particularly like the drawing pins.

The next one is puzzling: Handlung oder Unterlassung?

I have several with the spelling ‘Hundeclo’: one will have to do.

The last one appeared outside an electrician’s shop not far from here when the pedestrian zone was all dug up for repaving. I couldn’t actually detect a camera.

2 thoughts on “No dogs / Unwillkommener Besuch

    • This is encouraging, and I was wondering about that. It will certainly take a long time to come to a decision, so I can’t quite imagine it going ahead either. I could really live with it if they did not block the whole street off, but however much they scale back, that idea of captive passers-by is obviously part of the economics of the thing.

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