Would-be political parties / Möchtegern-Parteien

Outside the entrance to the underground, Rathaus. Which party would you like?

In the background, the building occupied by the Jubiläumsshop where the NPD is apparently encamped was the first department store in Bavaria.

4 thoughts on “Would-be political parties / Möchtegern-Parteien

  1. Wow, what a multitasker! Simultaneous tasks performed during a walk in the woods:
    1. Experience serenity (that must be stressful!)
    2. Give the dog a dose of serenity (I wonder what the dog thinks about that)
    3. Walk off excess chocolate
    4. Brainstorm for headlines or other ideas
    5. Proofread

    I take it that fending off the stomach ulcers is a deliberate task, too.

    • Maybe one needs really low prices to be driven to this kind of multitasking?
      I remember many decades ago when I was revising for finals and taking the dog out, what I’d been reading about Goethe or Schiller used to go through my mind (less so Old High German). But when I go for a walk now, I don’t think about what I’ve been translating at all.

  2. The translator must be very precocious if still at school. Perhaps a lesson in writing unambiguous and unmealy-mouthed English would help clarify if the translator in question is 1. a schoolchild ; 2. a school caretaker; 3. takes his or her children to school; 4. teaches at the said establishment as well as translating – a tall order for most of us; 5. the school just happens to be on the walking route; 6. the school architecture draws the translator like a magnet; 7. the school is in fact a synagogue (a Schul)and the translator wants to start off the day with a prayer; 8.the hound is a police dog which goes to police school. 9. two or more of the foregoing 10. none of the foregoing.

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