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  1. Hi Margaret,

    Do you have a standard phrase you use for “anwaltlich versichert”? Were you looking for a better one?

    I translate contracts and litigation documents regularly, but I came across this phrase in one of my projects the other day for only about the 2nd or 3rd time in the last couple of years, and I was struggling to come up with something appropriate.

    I had the beauty: “Wie Sie wissen, vertrete ich die rechtlichen Interessen des XX [other text] … was hiermit noch einmal ausdr

    • I haven’t got a standard solution. I’m sure one could leave out the ‘anwaltlich’, but as the Anwalt is usually the client, one wonders if he or she might be disappointed. I think your suggestion is fine, although I would probably write ‘I hereby expressly affirm this once more in my capacity as an attorney’ – that is, avoiding the combination of passive ‘is affirmed’ with ‘my capacity’ – but that’s just me.

      • Thanks for that! I agree, clients generally seem to get disappointed if there isn’t something literal carried over into the translation, sigh.

        I think I defaulted to the passive because the client’s own phrasing seemed stiff to me, but then again, I’m not used to seeing “es wird anwaltlich versichert” a whole lot, to them it’s probably as natural as saying “Hello, I

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