Polar bear/Eisbär

Nuremberg Zoo:

Karstadt, Nuremberg:

Mariannes Wollstube, Fürth (crochet pattern):

<seufz>, as the Germans write in email.

7 thoughts on “Polar bear/Eisbär

  1. We now have both a Lidl and a Naldi within walking distance from our house. Are there really Chermans who need to take the Autobahn to get to them?

    (We also read “mph” as “kph”, first time out, and missed that it was supposed to be fast.)

    And for the record, I like both Chermany and my adopted homeland. (I have my doubts about Blighty, but I don’t think I mostly dwell on them.)

    • I have to drive to get to them, although there used to be an Aldi next door here. They are a bit outside the town. Some people would have to drive even further. Of course, there is an Aldi in Upminster now (surprisingly followed by M & S Simply Food and allegedly Waitrose to come).

      I forgot to say this weblog is rather rude! The bit quoted by …jurabilis! about accountability could be quite offensive.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on that blog. I have to admit I had a few good laughs. I am not sure about the offensiveness of that blog though. It is written in a pretty much tongue-in-cheek way so it does not really feel like a rant about Germans. After all, I think Bill Maher said it first, isn’t being offended a lot a sure sign of stupidity ;-) ;-)


  3. Thanks for the tip Margaret – that’s a brilliant blog, I’m also at a loss to find something untrue in it. The Bionade entry in particular is spot on. And even the comments posted here are classic, with a very serious German getting all in a huff over it – or maybe it was meant ironically. At any rate, my day is complete.

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