Wood duck / Brautente / Aix sponsa

These should really be in North America, or maybe at Versailles, rather than on a pond in Fürth.

7 thoughts on “Wood duck / Brautente / Aix sponsa

  1. Congrats from me, too. However, as a rampant male femininist, I believe Frau Drin/Doktorin M. would be more appropriate, apt and apposite to the correct gender of the title. Indeed, Maga./Magistra is the correct female form of Mag./Magister.

  2. Yes, it’s a pity that journalists on the Farringdon Road don’t do their homework before mixing up the European Union and the Council of Europe’s member-countries.

    The ECJ in Luxembourg does follow the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights of the Council of Europe – a title confusingly close to the EU’s Council.

    As the EU expands eastwards towards the ECHR States of Turkey, Croatia and Moldavia, there will be increasing civil and maybe criminal overlap between the two courts. Hopefully the ECHR in Strasbourg with its Franglais-speaking ‘imprescriptibility’ judges will disappear as redundant.

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