Viennese football terms/Fußball Glossar Wienerisch-Deutsch-Englisch

1. Henkel Fan Guide für Wien auf Weanerisch/Deutsch/English
1st German/English Henkel Fan Guide for Vienna in “Weanerisch“

You can download a PDF file and listen to an audio file of Viennese expressions (followed by High German and English) for the European Football Championships.

Football fans will be accompanied through Vienna in 21 different scenes – from their arrival, searching for a hotel and cheering on their favourite team at the stadium to eating at the hot dog stand, flirting and departing the city. Each scene contains ten suitable expressions in Viennese, German and English, as well as a caricature drawn by the artist Hans Gramm.

Judging from the audio file, I would advise against using the English expressions to encourage a team. They are correct translations of the original, but they lack a certain elan.

Now, can we find something for Switzerland too? Reader’s Edition has a bit – here’s the beginning:

Die Vokabeln

Stadion – Stadion
Stadionkasse – Kassä
Stadioneingang – Stadioniigang
Tribüne – Tribünä
Sitzplatz – Sitzplatz
Fußballrasen – Fuässballrasä
Anstoß – Astoss
Viererkette – Viererchetti

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22 thoughts on “Viennese football terms/Fußball Glossar Wienerisch-Deutsch-Englisch

    • What IS this site. Is it anything to do with music AT ALL. Whats all the sarcasm by all these morons anyway. Have you all got piles or something. You sarcastic pigs. The bavarian band is simply offering information and you sarcastic swine are all being so negative. Fuck the lot of you. TWATS.

      • No, the site has more to do with Bavaria than music. We’re actually quite interested in the music on the Channel Isles. If you look at the later comments you can find out more. I will have to see whether German law permits me to post comments like yours.

  1. Amazing that they are so focused on traditional Bavarian folk music, yet don’t seem to be able to spell one of their titles properly

  2. The Bier Keller scene in UK has unfortunately gone out of popularity although their are some really good ones still going (Mr Bills in Birmingham). In Jersey (UK) the Bier keller scene is as good as non existant due to the most popular (and always fully booked) Pomme D’Or hotel keller having noisy crowds leaving the premises and consequently having to close the bier keller scene down. The entertainmen scene is very drab now in Jersey and some (actually quite a lot) of the blame for this can be attributed to sattelite tv, iPods and other new entertainment gadgetry.It will come back into vogue,….one day soon I hope.

      • Well its a few years on now and the entertainment scene here in Jersey channel islands has still not blossomed as I hoped it would. Swansons Olde Tyme Music hall will never return (its an office block). The Claymore hotel and restaurant is now a shiney new office block for insurance. The most popular stretch of entertainment,’Five Mile Road’ is just a distant memory. Theres loads more gone Like 42nd Street at ST Johns, Now a housing development. The BORG ( Star Trek) have invaded the coastline off Collette Gardens. After a lot of study and thought I belive that entertainment like we knew it in the 60s 7os and 80s will not return. There are some very good local venues with some surprising local talent but only a handfull of venues. Maybe when we wake up from our I.T. hypnotic trance they’ll come back, not the singalong venues….why…because theres no one listening to anything worth remembering. Ive also looked at the bierkeller scene and found bier kellers in Blackpool Leeds Briston London and Birmingham. They dont all have Oompah bands. Oh well, back to the motorways and clubs I guess.

        • I met some AS fans from Jersey the other day (honest!). I myself played briefly with an authentic oompah band in Hesse and was slightly disturbed to find the Horst Wessel Lied in the band pad. “Oh, we never play that,” they said.

          • Hi, I’m intrigued as to know what you mean by ‘AS fans’ from Jersey. Also what instrument you play. The Horst Wessel Lied Listen to my song think thats a near translation I’m not familiar with it. Is it a folksong or what. I do remember back in the 70s i Coventry EMI bierkeller being approached by a gentleman of German decent who was quite firm in telling my father (accordionist) that he had just played a march that should never be played mmmm. Anyway I am a fan of the music. I listen regularly to Radio Alpen melodie via internet. Prost!

          • Private bank walking clients from the island had heard of you!

            I used to be a trombonist, but of a more volkst

          • AS seems to mean Alphine Schunklers. You can find Horst Wessel in Wikipedia – more of a marching song.

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