No MacPope/Schottischer Papst würde verbannt

I am prepared to believe Times Online that the Pope may not (by law) be Scottish. (I got 80% on the Pope Trivia Test got questions 5 and 9 wrong).

Papal Jurisdiction Act 1560

Wikipedia, however, says the Act has fallen into disuse – certainly it has as far as it excludes the jurisdiction of the Pope in Scotland – and doubts a Scotsman who became pope would be punished. I am sure there would be an even greater jubilation in Scotland than there was in Germany on ‘Wir sind Papst’.

8 thoughts on “No MacPope/Schottischer Papst würde verbannt

  1. Then we should look forward to a Scotswoman – or a Scots-born migrant who has moved South of the Border – being elected Pope.

    Query: the Papal eligibility of crooner Rod Stewart, half-Scottish on his father’s side and English on his mother’s side but, as is common knowledge, considers himself a Scotsman = Scottish soccer/rugby supporter only.

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