LexMonitor is a sort of US blawg portal, like JuraBlogs on steroids. As reported by Kevin O’Keefe in Real Lawyers Have Blogs, it has just ‘soft launched’ (seems to mean launched in a beta version).

LexMonitor is a free daily review of law blogs and journals highlighting prominent legal discussion as well as the lawyers and other professionals participating in this conversation.

Pulling from nearly 2,000 sources and 5,000 authors, LexMonitor will hopefully shine a light on the ongoing conversation among thought leaders in the law for the benefit of the legal profession and the public at large.

Like putting in the sidewalks on a college campus after watching where the students leave paths, we’ll refine the site and add features based on how it’s used and the feedback we receive from you.

Clicking around, I found a translation company blog on Translation for Lawyershere.

7 thoughts on “LexMonitor

  1. Victor Mair [url=http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=1077]reports[/url] at Language Log that John DeFrancis died by choking on a piece of Peking Duck in a Honolulu restaurant.

    I suppose that saved him from getting old and senile.

      • It seems a long way to go. Though I believe sneaking off an Arctic cruise and lying down on the ice is the method de rigueur.

        So you survived the storm?

        • I slept through the Great Storm of 87, and liberal ingestion of beer meant I almost managed to sleep through this one. The metal roller blinds outside were blowing out of their guides, so I was roused to fix them and almost lost my head when they sheared off and blew away, along with all the pollution.

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