The 25 Greatest Legal Movies/Kinofilme mit juristischem Inhalt

The ABA Journal has canvassed the 25 best legal movies. Readers can vote too. One of the jury is Michael Asimow, who wrote Reel Justice (1996) – I see there’s a second edition and an interactive CD-ROM, which would be interesting.

Anyway, it’s inspired me to order a DVD of My Cousin Vinny.

(via Jurabilis)

6 thoughts on “The 25 Greatest Legal Movies/Kinofilme mit juristischem Inhalt

  1. Oh-oh. Recommending Wiki as a source is a definite no-no. The best text book for a (fairly) brief introduction on English law has to be English Law by Slapper & Kelly – this contains pretty much everything you could want, they also did a text book specifically on the English legal system (courts etc.) that’s definitely worth looking at.

    • You probably haven’t read the context or the entry. Slapper and Kelly is one of the best, but it’s nearly 1,000 pages long. On top of that, it isn’t online! We’re talking here about dipping a toe in the water, not swimming the Channel.

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