The BBC reported on this Lapland-style theme park a few days ago.

It’s been shut down now, but apparently there are others – see today’s Guardian.

What their parents may not know is the reindeer aren’t coming, the huskies are in fact a “similar looking” breed of dog and, in a last minute change of plan, the ice rink has been replaced with “a rollerskating platform”. Trading standards officers who will attend the opening, said yesterday they had “serious concerns”.

The Lapland based just outside Wolverhampton, which the organisers say will attract 3,000 paying customers a day, is composed of several marquees in a muddy field normally used for car boot sales, which overlooks the M54.

Of course, what with global warming, this may be what Lapland looks like nowadays.

6 thoughts on “Lapland/Lappland

  1. I and my colleagues booked tickets for Lapland in the belief that we would be able to drink large quantities of champagne and engage in frottage in, unusually, a quasi-Arctic location. How do we get our money back?

    • I’ve been trying to think of a solution for you, and the only thing I can suggest is that you all go and do your thing outside the gates of this place. Several newspapers seem very interested in the story.

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