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    • The amazing thing is this. The Common Law (contrary to the false system of the legal industry – made the people in charge. They were sovereign). It was from Common Law that trial by jury came. It was the Common Law which was hated by the Romans. And when the Romans could not beat Common Law they counterfeited it. The hybrid system became known as ‘English Common Law’. And it was used to destroy Anglo-Saxon Common Law. It was the hybrid system of Common Law which the Danelaw areas of England used when they attacked the Anglo Saxons in England in the centuries before 1066. The Romanised Common Law became the ‘English Common Law’ and was imposed on the USA. A counterfeit of Common Law.

      Under English Common Law the people are the servants of government. Under the Common Law the government are the servants of the people. A big difference. Feudalism came from ‘English Common Law’.

      Finally, the Saxons who came to England were living in Common Law. They correctly made a difference between Common Law and ‘English Common Law’. They were free men.

      The papacy corrupted Common Law.

  1. The non-Aboriginal and native English/Gaelic-speaking Aussies refer to themselves as Anglo-Celtic – shortened from Anglo-Saxon-Celtic en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Celtic_Australian

    The first thing I spotted when driving into Melbourne from the airport was the Welsh Baptist Church, a fire-and-brimstone experience for someone 10,000 miles from the UK.

    Also, at that time of Maori challenge in New Zealand of the Waitangi Treaty, Aboriginal land rights – like those of Native Americans on Indian reservations with their own laws which may not be trumped by US Federal laws – were high on the agenda, with some Aboriginal defendants refusing to accept the ‘English’ Common Law jurisdiction of courts imposed upon them in the last 250 years. In fact, there have been cases of both Aborigines and Maoris raising this plea to the ‘White Intruder’ jurisdiction.

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