Updated website/Bürgerinitiative Eine Bessere Mitte Fürth

The Fürth citizens’ action group Eine Bessere Mitte Fürthhas revamped its website, where you can now see some other current shopping centres, including the Alexa in Berlin, built by Sonae Sierra (Fakten), the proposed better alternative (Vision) and reports in the media (Medien).

There is an article, In der City nur noch Ramsch, largely on Fürth in Focus online.

2 thoughts on “Updated website/Bürgerinitiative Eine Bessere Mitte Fürth

  1. Recht haben und Recht behalten – hmm, kniffelig. My take would be “The point of policy is not to be in the right, but to have the law on your side.” Who can do better?

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