Legal blog seeks translation help/US-Blawg sucht Hilfe mit Übersetzung

David Kopel at The Volokh Conspiracy seeks help with translation of the Mexican firearms statute:

Here’s a new project to utilize the immense collective mind of VC readers: an English translation of the Mexican firearms statute. The Mexican law, in Spanish, is here. My translation thereof into English is here. Neither the intern who did the first round of the translation, nor I, speak Spanish as a native language. Indeed, my Spanish is extremely primitive; I know less than an American middle schooler with one year of Spanish. Although I am developing an interesting vocabulary, of words such as “fuego circular” (rimfire).

The initial translation was done via machine, and then reviewed and modified by very inexpert humans. So I solicit readers with good Spanish skills to provide suggestions for improvements in any or all of the 91 Articles of the Mexican firearms law. Please focus on improving the translation, and not on arguing about policy questions involving the law.

Note the comments.

(Via Riccardo, who commented)

3 thoughts on “Legal blog seeks translation help/US-Blawg sucht Hilfe mit Übersetzung

  1. Sounds like a wonderful pilot project for translation by “crowdsourcing”. It’s only firearms, after all. Nothing serious could go wrong, could it? What’s the occasional stray bullet between friends?

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