14 thoughts on “Book now for 2010/Frühbucher Oberammergau

    • You think so, Michele? Hmm, I feel rather ashamed of myself now.
      But it isn’t a church, at least I can say that. I would like to see inside.

      • Oh, no need to feel ashamed Margaret! It’s especially interesting that it’s located in a more conventional setting. I’d also love to see the inside and find out who the architect is.

        The church it actually reminds me of is [url]http://www.muttenz.ch/de/kirchenmain/kirchekath/[/url] which I think is a disaster in many respects. I have family in Muttenz and just cringe whenever we drive by it.

        • I couldn’t pin that church down elsewhere online to see more pictures. I admit I don’t particularly like it. I can’t see any windows, so it looks prison-like to me.

          • Thanks. I admit the Zopf- und Gipfeli-Aktion looks more appealing.
            Is it off topic? At all events I am now translating about churches etc. at [url=http://www.kz-gedenkstaette-dachau.de/gedenkstaette/station12.html]Dachau[/url] and I see the point of those, but I suppose your church is not making a point about suffering and imprisonment? I wonder what the architect was thinking about.

          • I think this church is totally different from Bauhaus. It was originally exposed concrete, only painted white later. It’s a very 1960s style of concrete blocks. I don’t see the house in that way at all.

          • Sooner or even sooner we’re going to have to invent a version of Godwin’s Law for people who use Bauhaus either to praise or damn.

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