Language and translation blogs/Sprach- und Übersetzungsblogs

There are a number of sites on the Web that list translation weblogs.

The Polyglot blog has just published its updated long list. What language the blogs are in is not always clear, but it’s easy to click through and check.

Recently, has been adding a page for each of a number of translation weblogs. Here’s the list, and here is the page for Transblawg. This list might be an easier place to start, as it’s growing but not yet as long as the Polyglot one.

As far as my blog is concerned, they have definitely made the effort of reading it and actually point out that a knowledge of German would be useful (because I don’t translate all the German I quote and some of my links are German). They also have tags like ‘German’ so one can narrow down the list, and they supply an RSS link, for example, for each blog.

6 thoughts on “Language and translation blogs/Sprach- und Übersetzungsblogs

  1. Thanks for the link back to your profile page on myGengo. We hope to add more resources and tools for the profile-owners as we build up the Translation Talk area. Let me know if you would be interested in doing a guest blog post on myGengo.


    • No, I am not looking for more advertising nor to do a guest entry, thanks. I just thought your site might be useful for readers to find other blogs.
      Your references to ‘more resources and tools for profile owners’ is rather mysterious to me.

  2. Have you seen the rates offered to translators on “myGengo”?
    Even the professional rates are very low by German standards, and the inevitable focus on (source???) word counts is a double whammy for anyone who translates FROM German.

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