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When the Directorate-General for Translation made the translation memory of the acquis communautaire available, I didn’t download it because I was about to move to another computer. Meanwhile, I haven’t needed the material. But now it appears that sites like incorporate this material among others. It’s natural to do this, and it is quicker to search online than on one’s own computer, probably.

I did enquire on Twitter what other sites do this, but I didn’t get an answer. Now I have found a list of several sites on Fabio Said’s weblog (Portuguese). One that looks particularly interesting is OPUS, an open source parallel corpus.

2 thoughts on “EU terminology searches online/EU-Terminologiesuche online

  1. Hi Margaret, thanks for linking to my blog’s post about EU terminology search. Your inquiry on Twitter two weeks ago, together with a similar one from another colleague, actually inspired me to compile the links with EU terminology.

    By the way, I did reacted to your inquiry on Twitter, about half an hour later, on July 30th. The tweet is still on my Twitter page. Maybe you’ve missed it. Back then I only suggested EUR-Lex, but later I realized that other search websites such as OPUS might also help.

    • Ah – apparently I wasn’t following you – but I am now!
      Of course I use EUR-Lex all the time, but usually I search for documents and then call up the two-language view. That takes a while.

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