4 thoughts on “More doorbells/Mehr Türklingel

  1. I love these posts.

    There’s actually a Pieper in my family tree. I always thought that was a pretty funny name. (But in the US they pronounced it as if it were spelled Peiper.)

    • You may be related to the Baumpieper in this [url=http://www.transblawg.co.uk/index.php?/archives/2479-Doorbells-in-KalchreuthKalchreuther-Tuerklingel.html]earlier entry[/url].

  2. The “Dr.” thing always makes me laugh. As if the mail would not reach these people without the title on the mailbox. Or you would be confused about where to ring. We have a friend with two doctorates, and of course it says Dr. Dr. on the mailbox.

    • I suppose they take it seriously that Dr. becomes part of their name. Do they apply to have a change to their passports, I wonder?
      The Bavarian authorities think I could occasionally call myself Dr. (London) Margaret Marks. I haven’t tried it yet.

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