GDPR: must I remove names from the doorbell?

 It has been a while since I posted a  doorbell photo, but this is a topical subject. There‘s a rumour in Germany that the GDPR (German DSGVO) prohibits revealing people‘s names on their doorbells.

In fact there has been a case in Vienna  where a property management company has been advised by a city data privacy agency and intends to replace the names by numbers on 220,000 apartments.

Famous commenters/Andrew Losowsky zu Türklingel

I started photographing doorbells quite a while ago, but whether before or after Andrew Losowky I don’t know. At all events he did comment on my earlier entry. (I hope I can use the word Türklingel this time without being accused of being anti-Turkish).

The Guardian gives some examples of doorbell photos and texts from Andrew Losowky’s book The Doorbells of Florence.

A doorbell in Florence photographed by me.