Yes or no to no-smoking/Ja oder Nein zu Nichtraucherschutz

On July 4, Bavarians will have a chance to vote Yes to protection of nonsmokers.

Some of them would prefer to vote No to the Yes.

Fortunately I can’t vote, as I find the whole thing confusing.

3 thoughts on “Yes or no to no-smoking/Ja oder Nein zu Nichtraucherschutz

  1. In Werner Siebers’ case most probably the public prosecutors office simply wanted to know the name of the suggested interpretator to make sure this person is not a suspect himself.

    Generally not everything Mr. Siebers “reports” should be taken for granted.

    • Well, Gast,I’m sorry you don’t like my choice of words, but I certainly did not intend to imply that Herr Siebers’ suspicion was right or wrong. I thought it would be of interest to my non-German readers. They can make their own minds up.

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