Your freedom government site/GB-Regierung sucht Vorschläge

The UK government has just started a website inviting people to let them know what laws they want changed. It’s called Your Freedom. Three suggested categories are: restoring civil liberties, repealing unnecessary laws, and cutting business and third sector regulations (‘third sector’ means charity and not-for-profit organizations). It sounds like a good idea. I can’t quite explain why, together with the Nick Clegg video introducing it, it has a bit of a Monty Python ring to it.

I know one can complain to the German government, but not quite so directly, as far as I know. Otherwise I would like to make a complaint or two about yesterday’s election, particularly the result.

(UK site tweeted by Konstantin)

6 thoughts on “Your freedom government site/GB-Regierung sucht Vorschläge

  1. Now that’s just funny… your two comments are total gibberish. It made me giggle, but maybe it’s just because it’s late at night. At least my spam comments contains recognizable words – even if they are misspelled. WordPress has a really good spam filter. You might want to consider looking into either changing your host to WordPress or installing a spam filter of some sort.

    • Yes, those were them. They are not so funny when sixty are held for approval. I have deleted them. I have to do that because I’m trying out a new (to me) comment spam blocker and I have to mark them as spam and hope similar ones are filtered out in future.
      Of course I had a spam filter, and it worked. But it doesn’t work for comments that are gibberish, come from different email and IP addresses. That’s why I’m trying a new additional filter. I think moving seven or eight years of entries to WordPress is not an alternative. If you’re referring to Akismet, that’s what I’m trying – it isn’t a WordPress original.

    • After 7 days, which this has nearly reached, captchas are used. (Kevin Lossner has criticized them, but I can’t be bothered to change them). However, this means the comment lands in my comment file and I have to accept or reject it, so if spam goes to my old entries, I have found over sixty comments in the morning.
      I can put words like ‘onlinegamesbiz’ in my filter, which would work until that last Turkish commenter (now deleted) gets a new address.
      The others are testing me out. I would like to know if Jill’s filter keeps those out, but actually I doubt it. My Google page rank is quite high and so I may be targeted more.

      • Hate to bring on the wrath of Kevin, but could you maybe just change the non-captcha period to 0, i.e. make everything subject to captcha? It’s slightly inconvenient for us but it seems pretty normal. Some blogs I comment on seem to have captcha for new people but none if it recognizes your username/email. Maybe it can’t be adjusted like this though?

        • Well yes, I could, but that wouldn’t solve my problem that these comments for approval may pile up in my filter and take time to deal with.
          At the moment everything is older than seven days anyway, and I am not sure if this will change before my holiday.

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