There are priorities in Fürth.

Meanwhile, there’s a story at fucked translation of a ‘bad pass’ by Özil reaching Spanish as a ‘fake passport’.

Here’s the source, at Malaprensa:

En la noticia de Bild, que es simplemente un comentario al partido con Inglaterra, Hiddink dice:

Guus Hiddink (türkischer Nationaltrainer): „Schade, dass Özil sich für den falschen Pass entschieden hat. Er ist ein moderner Fußballspieler, den ich in meinem Team gut gebrauchen könnte.

Que traducido por Google translator, es:

Guus Hiddink ( entrenador del equipo turco nacional): ” Lástima que Özil eligió el paso equivocado. Él es un futbolista moderno , bien podría utilizar en mi equipo.

Actually, since Bild was avoiding anglicisms – if not particularly on that date – it wasn’t a bad pass, nor a fake passport, but the wrong passport – if Özil had chosen the Turkish passport, he would have been in Hiddink’s Turkish team.

LATER NOTE: I see the story has got further. In fact, Google has a mass of links on the ‘Özil fake passport claim scandal’.

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  1. Maybe the Polish national team manager is having similar thoughts about Germany’s first two (Polish-born) goal-scorers against England: Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski. Neither the German, nor the British media, seem to be picking up on this naturalisation aspect.

    Pity the word Reisepa

    • Adrian, Pass or Reisepass doesn’t really matter in this case, the problem was the wrong translation/interpretation of “falsch”. Someone seem to have thought that “falsch” and “gef

  2. Thanks Susan, but paso equivocado – as in the Spanish quote – means a ‘mistaken soccer pass’ and not a passport: which is una pasaporte.

    It’s very hot where I am, so I – as a purported Spanish translator – may still be missing the falsch vs. gef

    • I understand and that was my first thought too when I read the story. But that’s not what it says and it is not what the story is about. In the whole story, no one is ever talking or thinking “soccer pass” – neither Guus who said it nor the writer/article who mistranslated it. Guus meant that out of the two passports Ozil had picked the “wrong” (falsch) passport, ie. not the one who would got him into Guus’ Turkish team. This then became “fake” (gef

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