Minor criminal offences/Bagatelldelikte

Can anyone tell me what criminal offence is to be reported to the police here?

These people must have been very angry for a long time. One is almost tempted to give them the Sonntagsblitz (an advertising paper with some local news, produced I think by the Nürnberger/Fürther Nachrichten).

Here are some less angry people:

See earlier entry on Communicating with the postman.

7 thoughts on “Minor criminal offences/Bagatelldelikte

  1. In the interest of helping these people test some of their legal options, it should be worth delivering some leaflets or free papers.

    • Yes, but you’d have to be very careful. I wouldn’t put it past them to do DNA testing.
      I can’t imagine anyone delivering free newspapers would look at this sign.

  2. Maybe they mean the other Anzeige, the “putting it in the paper” kind, like an Advertisement or an Announcement ;-)

      • Definitely not my area of expertise ;) Does Anzeige mean it has to be a criminal offence? I suppose it’s some kind of Vergehen or Ordnungswidrigkeit?

        • I really ought to check it, but am a bit busy at the moment. BGH suggests civil law. Now if it were like libel or slander, which seems conceivable, it could still be a criminal offence, but only prosecuted on the application of the victim, which would be a Strafantrag rather than a Strafanzeige. But you may well be right. As for whether it’s realistic to press charges, I suppose they could do something. Maybe they’ve tried in the past and this huge sign is what they were recommended to put up to give themselves a stronger case next time?

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