Shopping early for Christmas/Heute schon an Weihnachten denken

Law and Magic Blog (always worth a read and originally recommended by kalebeul):

I try to do my holiday shopping early, which is why I am on the prowl now.

recommends the Unemployed Philosophers Guild, although I was less taken by the Houdini mug (Houdini disappears if you fill it with coffee) than by some of the post-it notes, such as those featuring Cézanne and Freud, and a Van Gogh birthday card (not so good for Christmas, of course).

If that doesn’t suit, it’s now possible to buy your bust of Karl Marx online, thus saving me a trip to Trier to the Karl Marx Museum.

At the Carbolic Smoke Ball Co., you can download a PDF file of Christmas cards (mysteriously entitled ChristmasCards2006.pdf). The figure of Justice with a robin in one scale is nice, but there’s really time to make one’s own now.

LegalAndrew recommends chopsticks for Chinese-food-loving attorneys.

I have been known to order Christmas cards from the UK or USA, but you have to be careful to check the local postage for the size. Museum shops are always good. One colleague used to send me a Bodleian Library card with a book motif I was very fond of. You can see the 2010 one here called Festive Library:

4 thoughts on “Shopping early for Christmas/Heute schon an Weihnachten denken

  1. You’re right about the postage, Margaret. I bought a stack of nice British Christmas cards in the sales after Christmas with very nice Victorian-style pictures, only to find out that they had the “wrong” format for the German postal system. Some were too small for the franking machines, others were so big that I ended up paying the “Gro

  2. I again agree that judgement, as claimed by a (half-)Scottish lawyer, is not the Scots law spelling cf. Butterworth’s Scots Law glossary. The OED gives it as an alternative spelling of judgment.

    The Hon. Lord Neuberger, an Oxford chemistry graduate like Maggie Thatcher who was also called (OK, admitted) to the Bar, may not have had time to check his own reported speech.

    He himself, though, has admitted – unreported at the 25th Annual E&W Bar Conference Keynote Speech -,-letters-and-reports/speeches-of-interest/ that he had been sent a copy of George Orwell’s book, Politics & the English Language (1946) by a Law Lord after reading one of Lord DN’s judg(e)ments.

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