Reusable containers/Mehrwegbecher

I must have realized that those red containers for lights on graves were reusable, I just didn’t know they were reused.

The Café-Bar Ruine is opposite the cemetery, so I went in for a bit. It’s great being in a cemetery with a wide-angle lens: must pop in again.

I’m tempted to stamp ‘Friedhof’ on my own watering cans, but I suppose I might regret it.

Kißkalt built this house, and I think he even lived here for a while, but before my time.

12 thoughts on “Reusable containers/Mehrwegbecher

  1. The candle vending machine is absolutely brilliant. Wish I’d thought of it. Maybe I can export the concept to the US and become a grave light tycoon?

    I’m not a big cemetery person but there is one in Switzerland we go to regularly to visit a family grave. Invariably I forget the candle, the lighter or both. I wonder how much actual reuse occurs though? Their website says they reuse or recycle them. Even recycling would be better than just tossing them but I wonder how many of the plastic ones really get refilled.

  2. I’m not British, but I still miss fish and chips. Nordsee is not an alternative at all. I don’t know if Potato cakes are available in GB but I miss those even more than the fish. I lived in Australia for a while almost 21 years ago now. I’m still “homesick”, not just for the food.

    • Now you’re talking. But still no proper batter! And what is meant by ‘fish’? In Cranham we get to choose. Skate, haddock, cod etc. I bet your Andrew has the Seelachs again.

      • I’ll have to see what sort of fish “Andrew” is using, and also whether any of the fish is battered. Funny thing is, although this place in WI seems to want to give the impression that it’s Scottish, where I come from we call fish and chips a “fish supper”. And certainly in Fife, haddock is also the main fish now (cod is simply too expensive nowadays). Incidentally, we saw smoked haddock the other day at Real, but it looked distinctly past it (and over-smoked). How on earth are we supposed to make Omelette Arnold Bennett here? (sigh)

  3. Nowt wrong with Nordsee, though a British pub a mile away in Vienna serves twice the portion of fish & chips for the same

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