Transblawg nominated/Nominiert bei LexisNexis

Some mysterious reader has nominated Transblawg as an international and foreign law blog at LexisNexis.

We don’t quite fit into any categories, but thanks anyway!

LexisNexis International & Foreign Law Community 2011 Top 50 Blogs

Theoretically you can improve Transblawg’s chances by commenting somewhere on the LexisNexis site, but it sounds quite a procedure.

4 thoughts on “Transblawg nominated/Nominiert bei LexisNexis

  1. The same happened to my I don’t see a benefit for the blog. LexisNexis seems to get a link to its site where the visitor is then thrown into the abyss. Looks like clever marketing.

    Anyway, congratulations; you certainly deserve the nomination and top spot!

    • Hmm, you were the only person I thought might have nominated me. Probably they did do it themselves. There is a German language blogs competition which is pure advertising – that’s great, start a blog and then have a competition before you have much content yourself.
      Of course, the editor of Blawg Review is a bit unpredictable.
      Anyway, to do the blogs any good, it looks as if visitors have to register with LexisNexis, which I can’t see them doing.

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