German ambassador replies/Deutscher Botschafter beantwortet Fragen

In the Guardian. Germany’s ambassador to the UK, Georg Boomgaarden – your questions answered.

Question by jfriedrich, 21 September 2012 3:28PM

Good day to you sir. I’m German and my question deals with a very much neglected issue, regarding the culinary well-being of British expats in Germany. Why is it next to virtually impossible to get British sausages even over delicatessen counters in Germany? Would Germany not gain tremendously in the eyes of our British friends if we could become a bit more accomodating? Also, haven’t you developed a craving for these tubes yourself and can you imagine what it’s like being hooked on them and finding the only substitute in (admittedly exellent) Nürnberger Rossbratwürste? The British banger is the quintessential ingredient for a proper fry-up and even if this helps the British tourism board, I cannot possible pop over everytime I develop a craving. Regards

Response of Georg Boomgaarden:

Sausages are not in Federal, but in Laender competence (states).

Just like translators and interpreters

Mind you, can a German not spell Rostbratwürste, or was it a joke?

7 thoughts on “German ambassador replies/Deutscher Botschafter beantwortet Fragen

  1. I wonder what a monolingual Brit would make of “not in Federal, but in Laender competence (states)”. No problem for those of us who have to deal with the federal structure in every second job we do, but I always try to put it more plainly. Of course the questioner in this instance is German, but I would have hoped that the ambassador to the UK would make things a little easier to follow.

    • You’re right, of course. But the ambassador should have been able to say something, surely? Can he only speak about federal matters? Do we need the Bavarian consul?

  2. A little bit of humor? I must admit I thought the ambassador’s response (and not necessarily the question) was a brilliant joke! Reading the whole Q&A session I now have my doubts – he seems to be a pretty straight-up kind of guy – but I sill think it’s hilarious.

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