Barbershop barrister quartet

Ben thanks his mother for encouraging him to study at the Open University. He calls in a

Barrister barbershop quartet

to do the honours.

Ben, like most other Open University students, had someone to support him through his studies. His tutors, fellow students and family all encouraged him along his learning journey.
But instead of simply saying ‘thank you’ to Jennifer, his mum, for inspiring and motivating him to study, we helped him to do something a million times better.
“I used to be a removal man. My mother sat me down and told me I was so much better than that and I should use my clever brain. I am now working for an ‘in-house’ legal team whilst on my fourth year of a law degree. Thank you.”

2 thoughts on “Barbershop barrister quartet

  1. The barrister singing is nice, but the sentiment of the whole video is just great. I would say that of course, but the OU really is fantastic. Especially liberating when you come from a country obsessed with pieces of paper showing one’s correct qualification, rather than looking at peoples’ real potential.

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