German Döner Kebab

German Döner Kebab shops are apparently everywhere.

Of course, it is a German thing. I think this is ‘Mile End coming soon’.

If you want to find out what meat they use, you have to click on the Location tab, which gives a choice of UK, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Sweden and Bahrain.

For the UK, you get Chicken, Beef or Mix. In Germany it was virtually always Turkey, sometimes beef if you were lucky.

Where’s the lamb? I think it’s because Germans don’t like it.

4 thoughts on “German Döner Kebab

  1. But the really impressive guy was the German Turk whose name I forget who built a pan-European döner production and supply network way before the hypsters, so that you’d find German advertising in kebab shops in meseta Spain where the only other German known was “fránfur”.

  2. Is this related?

    Then there is the ATDID mentiloned here in Wikpedia:
    In Germany, the earliest claim to the introduction of Turkish döner kebab dates to 1969, when Bursa native Nevzat Salim and his father started to sell the Iskender Kebap in Reutlingen.[47] However, the Association of Turkish Döner Producers in Europe (ATDID) connects the wide popularization of the dish to the stand of Turkish guest worker Kadir Nurman at West Berlin’s Zoo Station in 1972, which helped establish the döner kebab sandwich as a fast food option.[47][13] While the claims of multiple persons to have “invented” the döner may be hard to prove,[48] the further development of döner kebap is connected to the city of Berlin.

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