Misdirected emails

I use a Gmail address with my name, margaret dot marks, but not followed by the usual number like 261 or 53, because seemingly I am the first of the many Margaret Markses to get a Gmail address. And so I often receive email not meant for me. I usually get invited to some kind of children’s parties in the USA, but sometimes it is a report from Australia.

My latest one came from another MM but contained little information or evidence. It just said ‘Tom’s new clock’ with this image, which I’m fond of. I hope it doesn’t give too much away.

4 thoughts on “Misdirected emails

  1. I wish I were as lucky to just get a photo. I have the same problem (using a period in my name instead of numbers). I get CC:ed on vacation plans (yes, I responded and told them to let the real person know), but most vexingly I get all of someone’s Microsoft gaming purchases and newsletters. I can’t contact Microsoft and can’t contact this person. I’ve directed it to spam. I wish Gmail could get it together.

  2. No, I do get all that other stuff too. It really is irritating when you get something fairly important from a no-reply address. Is it Gmail’s fault? I have had senders apologize, but I never know if they typed the address wrong.
    I love this photo. I think Martin Parr might have taken it, but he would have had Tom sitting there.

  3. No, it’s not Gmail’s fault, it’s the fault of people who don’t know their own e-mail addresses. I have a “sentimental value” gmail address and lots of people think it’s theirs. Usually asking the sender to “please tell your friend this is not her e-mail address” works but I once had an exchange with a lady who got her sister-in-law on the phone who kept insisting it really was her e-mail address. When I asked “how come I get the messages then?”, neither lady had an answer …

    A good way of dealing with companies is to tweet at them. Something like “Hey @AmericanAirlines, do you realize you’re sending confidential customer info to a complete stranger on the other side of the pond?” gets people to act real fast.:) Why these companies don’t send out e-mails with verification links like they used to is beyond me.

  4. Yes, that makes more sense to me, but I did at first think it was Gmail – this was ages ago. I couldn’t believe so many people could be stupid. But they were in fact more stupid than Gmail.

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