GDPR: must I remove names from the doorbell?

 It has been a while since I posted a  doorbell photo, but this is a topical subject. There‘s a rumour in Germany that the GDPR (German DSGVO) prohibits revealing people‘s names on their doorbells.

In fact there has been a case in Vienna  where a property management company has been advised by a city data privacy agency and intends to replace the names by numbers on 220,000 apartments.

4 thoughts on “GDPR: must I remove names from the doorbell?

  1. If the names on the doorbells need to change to numbers – which they don’t, even if they are businesses, clubs and associations to which the Regulation applies in terms of data privacy, then the labelled letter boxes both inside and outside the building (very common in Vienna) will need to change, too.

    That apart, it is rather disingenuous – whilst PC – using German names as doorbell examples, as the proverbial Vienna telephone directory suggests half of the names will be of non-German origin, namely Czech-Bohemian (Lauda and Koleric/g/s), Slovak, Polish, Arabic, Turkish, (Kosovar) Albanian, ex-Yugoslav, French, Italian and even Anglo-Celtic-American.

    Coincidentally, closer to home in Southern England, I notice that irksomely, as result of this misguided and misunderstood Regulation, half of my old, non-assenting school acquaintances have done a vanishing trick and been wiped off the school’s alumni website.

  2. That wasn’t supposed to be Vienna – I am referring to the discussion going on in Germany, and those are doorbells in Regensburg. I posted the picture because I thought the names were amusing. Have I not already given a link to Georg Kreisler’s Telefonbuchpolka? If are accusing me of not knowing anything about Viennese surnames, you’ve got the wrong

  3. Excuse the misunderstanding, Margaret, but I got the wrong end of the stick or the ‘(Romanian Resettlers’) Regensburg Rainbow’. I (mis-)took the reference at the end to Vienna to refer back to the doorbell names and/or be a cue for me to come in with choice comments. Thanks for the link info. Here’s another one:

  4. Thanks. I would be more communicative, but I am travelling (though not to Vienna) and having trouble with posting using my mobile phone. It seems to be better since I turned off iCloud drive, but when I dictate in German and refer to my ‘Handy’ it comes out as Hyundai.

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