Blog birthday missed

Contrary to appearances, this blog is not yet dead. However, I did not mention that on 16 April it was 18 years old.

To make up for it, here is a photo I took on April 14 near Fenchurch Street Station.

3 thoughts on “Blog birthday missed

  1. Veggie Pret makes me very curious. The Pret sandwich shops I’m familiar with – or there’s one in Brussels I’m familiar with. I haven’t been in London in ages. This must change. They’re lifting the Covid curfew in Germany on Wednesday. Maybe things will lighten up a bit before too long.

  2. I take it this particular store specialised in gherkin sandwiches?
    Eine denkbare Bildlegende wäre vielleicht “Menschenleer +1”?
    No boats, no trains, but cranes. Amazing – the times, they are a-changin’. To think I avoided London for years, because I found it too noisy and crowded. :-)

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