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iNews: Lex in the City is the weblog of Jolyon Patten, a partner in Elborne Mitchell specializing in insurance and professional liability law. It’s a good firm that doesn’t mind a posting of The Law as Practised Down Under on its site:

PRISONER: I fuck you, answer you, stuff you, poofter. Is that enough for you answer?
HIS HONOUR: That is no answer, but I take it as a plea of not guilty. In view of the outrageous outburst from the accused, I assume that the torrent of language from him is a plea of not guilty to each count. Remanded for trial. Has anyone been imprudent enough to grant a bail agreement?

On June 22nd I’m pleased to read:

We have a WiFi spot in our offices so that clients can come in and use the net, check emails etc during long meetings. We don’t quite run to cappuccinos yet, though that gives me an idea…

(Via Delia Venables)

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