Word division and rubbish sorting / (Müll)trennung

RA-Blog regrets the division of the compound word Gelassenheitsdemonstrationsf-loskel.

I thought I’d seen the equivalent in Munich last Friday, but it was obviously deliberate:


I also saw Einkaufst-asche. More examples here – my favourite is Katzens-treu. And there’s a rubbish sorting game that’s a bit less fun than Space Invaders (click beside the three bins).

7 thoughts on “Word division and rubbish sorting / (Müll)trennung

  1. Wow! Desk + cat in the same photos. That’s double the blogging value, Margaret! :-) All you need is a sign on the wall in amusing foreigner English, and you’d have the magic triumvirate of blogging legend…

    (I aim to take that shot one day. I’ve got a desk, so all I need now is a cat and a sign.)

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