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I have just discovered that Nick Rosenthal of Salford Translations Ltd. has a weblog called Oversetter.

Nick was once the Jerry Pournelle of the ITI, with his column Nick’s Attic (or something like that) in the Bulletin. Let’s hope for many more entries.

I see he actually has a link to Byte, and also one to Chip (described as ‘Germany’s favourite computer magazine’). Where’s c’t, Nick?

(Note to Trevor: I think Nick may be into cycling, although he can scarcely be ‘Fat Nick’ if that’s so, can he?)

8 thoughts on “Translation weblog Oversetter

  1. Back when I worked in Berlin, we used to seek light relief by speaking “English can every”, which to score full marks had to use English words but German syntax. Bonus points were obtained by making up new English words, based on German logic. Oversetter was one such word, based on the German

  2. Hmmm … the trains seem to be perfectly frozen in movement … or is it that they are actually moving while I’m looking the other way ;-) ?

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