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  1. In pan-Scandinavian, ‘gift’ means both ‘poison’ (n) and ‘married’ (adj) – an ambiguity that’s often played on, and which is certainly most awkward for translators.


    – August Strindberg’s ‘Giftas’ (normally translated as ‘Married’ – but it could also be either ‘Getting Married’ or ‘Being Poisoned’).

    – Tove Ditlevsen’s ‘Gift’ (a memoir about her unhappy married years).

  2. No ‘highboard’, but in Danish ‘bigshopper’ is a large plastic bag from a department store! I think it can also refer to someone who shops a lot. And there are plenty more where that came from. Saying these words with a straight face (and Danish pronunication) is the challenge!

  3. Ehningen has an annual Thursday when the folks are allowed to shop “till they drop” … referred to as “Afterwork Shoppink” (sic)…. (next time the sign goes up, I’ll send you a pic Margaret)


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