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A combination of a lot of work interspersed with photography walks in between has led to a pile of photos of Fürth and not much else. Since that is not the main purpose of this blog, here are a few things other people have been doing:

Céline reports on Phil Gyford’s beginner’s guide to freelancing with links.

languagehat presents an orthographically defective Financial Times article about the German Idiotenapostroph (known to me as the Deppenapostroph). Good pictures at

A video of an elephant seeing itself in a mirror is linked in this New Scientist article (via rebecca’s pocket). Stranger than seeing oneself in a mirror for the first time: these elephants may see themselves once and never again, I suppose.

The Times (Water Cooler) reports on Mark Herrmann, The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Practicing Law, quoting him on the Blackberry:

Whenever a group of people meets, two acts of rudeness now routinely occur. First, people not only receive, but take, and talk on, cellphone calls. Second, Blackberries buzz and people type responsive messages. We did not tolerate this flagrant disrespect in the past century, and we should not tolerate it in this one.
Incredibly, I have heard people say that they won’t buy a BlackBerry because BlackBerries make people rude; BlackBerries make people stop paying attention at meetings. I have news for you: Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.

I think it’s time someone invented the Raspberry.

Handakte WebLAWg reports that a fourth Act to repeal outdated provisions has been passed in Bavaria. Here it is, and here are some extracts:

29. das Gesetz über die behälterlose unterirdische Speicherung von Gas vom 25. Oktober 1966 (GVBl S. 335, BayRS 750-31-W), zuletzt geändert durch § 18 des Ge-setzes vom 24. Juli 1974 (GVBl S. 354),
30. das Gesetz über den Übergang der bayerischen Wasserstraßen auf das Reich vom 23. September 1921 (BayRS 753-9-4-W),
31. Art. 6 bis 46 des Gesetzes über die Ausübung und Ablösung des Weiderechtes auf fremdem Grund und Boden (BayRS 7817-1-L), geändert durch § 58 des Gesetzes vom 24. April 2001 (GVBl. S. 140),
32. die Verordnung über die Anpflanzung wurzelechter Reben vom 25. August 1966 (BayRS 7821-1-L),
33. das Gesetz über den Hufbeschlag vom 20. Dezember 1940 (BayRS 7824-9-L),

Werner Siebers presents a photo of a Berlin law firm advertising by bicycle.

By the way, I see the firm with the bike ad uses a picture of hands on its site. There are some odd pictures of hands used on the Web in this way, which should perhaps remain anonymous:



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  1. This dumplings entry would have dove-/ goose-?/ tailed neatly with the Martins/ Martini/ gans entry below. I have never seen the roast served up with anything else, except Rotkraut and gravy of course.

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