Harvest festival procession / Erntedankfestzug

Only six weeks too late, a few photos of the procession during the Kirchweih (on October 7).




2 thoughts on “Harvest festival procession / Erntedankfestzug

  1. My father Guido Teunissen was a member of the group led by Frommel during the war. Claus Bock lived in his apartment, which was on the floor above Gisele’s at 401 Herengracht. And Guido built the hiding place in the piano — but it wasn’t Claus who was in it. On the night in question, when the boots of the Green Police (Gestapo) were heard coming up the stairs, Frommel told Buri, the other Jewish refugee who was hiding at the Herengracht, to get into the piano, since the hiding place was his. Guido had built another one for Claus, but that was in his own apartment upstairs. But Claus was downstairs in Gisele’s place this night, and had nowhere to hide. Hence, the “look in the eye”. It remains a mystery why the German officer did not arrest Claus. I have heard it speculated that it was because Frommel had close contacts among Germans who were pretty high in rank among the Occupation authorities.

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