13 thoughts on “Private club for smokers/Geschlossene Gesellschaft für Raucher

    • I thought that was an Apostroph, rather than a Deppen-Apostroph, but obviously I will bow to your superior knowledge.

  1. I’m no superior knowledgist at all, and on second thought, it might be a true apostroph indeed to mark the omitted “e” in “Bauernbeizen”. However, it definititvely does look wrong to me. However, this is a highly personal feeling and I’m not able to prove it beyond any doubt. So we’ll have to wait for another reader who settles the case. I think I’ll ask the Lexikaliker for his opinion…

    • I would consider this apostrophe-looking character to be a single prime. On top of that it belongs to another font (something like “Times New Roman”), and the spacing doesn’t seem to be correct either.

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