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    • I just added: taken in mid-August in a six-minute period.

      Do they have the ones who cycle in the dark without a light and holding an umbrella (seen in Erlangen) in Heinsberg too?

    • Conversely, walking across against a red light when no traffic is visible far and near elicits shouts of ‘Denken Sie an die Kinder!’ (I dare not do it with children in sight). In London they paint on the road ‘Look right’ so you know where to watch out for traffic.

      I know theoretically you can be fined for crossing against a red light, but surely you can be fined for cycling there too?

  1. These signs ‘Radfahrer absteigen’ have no legal content or authority. They are placed by local authorities who wish to abdicate responsibility for any accidents involving bicycles in the general area and can perfectly well be interpreted as ‘cycle on with care’.


    The blue bicycle signs with improvised crosses are also not legitimate ‘cycling forbidden’ signs. The correct ‘cycling forbidden’ sign has a red border and a white field.

    Perhaps the author of this post would consider the relative number of deaths and injuries caused by collisions of

    1) cars and pedestrians
    2) bicycles and pedestrians

    and get a bit of reality into the discussion.

    Bicycling is simply *not* dangerous to pedestrians, although some may feel it to be as a nuisance. There is probably more danger of being bitten by one of those dogs…

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