Yours sincerely/Mit kollegialen Grüßen

Having today already been confronted with ‘Sehr geehrte Kolleginnen und Kollegen’ addressed to persons outside Germany, I am wondering about ‘Mit kollegialen Grüßen’, but that’s easy: ‘Yours sincerely’ (at least in British English).

Michael Kadlicz in Wiener Neustadt – is that still Vienna? – received this from a fellow-lawyer:

Sehr geehrter Herr Kollege Mag. Kadlicz!

Aufgrund eines bedauerlichen Versehens habe ich bemerkt, dass in der letzten Nachricht in der Schlussformel das Wort “kollegiale” Grüße nicht aufgenommen war. Ich bitte dieses Versehen höflich zu entschuldigen, wie Sie mich ja bereits kennen, bringe ich Ihnen selbstverständlich die volle kollegiale Wertschätzung entgegen.

Ich zeichne mit
freundlichen kollegialen Grüßen

Not really translatable, I’m afraid.

If I were registered to comment at, I would comment on the first sentence. Is it the regrettable oversight that the writer noticed his omission? Translators tend to correct this kind of thing.

I love the firm’s website – must have changed since I last saw it. Blog.

2 thoughts on “Yours sincerely/Mit kollegialen Grüßen

  1. Is Wiener Neustadt still Vienna? No it isn’t. It’s a delightful town about 50 kms/ 35 miles south of Vienna in the Federal State/Province etc. etc. of Lower Austria.

    As is well-known to Austrian school-children, it was built up on the back of ransom money paid, back in 1194, to the Babenberg Duke Leopold V to secure the release of the English King, Richard I a.k.a. the Lion Heart held hostage thereat. As a main rail and commuter hub, there’s no getting away from it on the way Vienna-Styria.

    On the collegiate address, one disgruntled Austrian girl at Vienna Uni’s enrolment centre once shouted at me for apparent queue-jumping: ‘das ist nicht sehr kollegial von Ihnen’/ ‘that’s not very collegiate of you’ when I had in fact been ushered by an Academic Registrar to the front of the queue ahead of her. To which I replied: ‘ich bin ein strukturell benachteiligter Ausl

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